Marcel Scorpion Darts Pak MSC - VIDEO

90,00€ * 69,30€ *


Full Pak with Professional Bristle Dartboard, Brass Darts, Throw Line Sticker and Spares.


Pak Includes:

1 x piece of Dpuls MSC Bristle Dartboard.

1 x set of wall clamp with screws.

2 x sets of Marcel Scorpion Steel Brass Darts by Dpuls.

2 x sets of spare Shafts for Darts.

2 x sets of spare Flights for Darts.

1 x piece of Throw Line Sticker.

Set up Instructions and Basic Rules Brochure. Find here Official DRA Rule Book.

Free shipping all over Deutschland.



* Natural Hi Quality Sisal.

* Official Competition Size.

* Staple Free Shark Wires.

* Powder Coated Number Ring.

* League Approved.

* Clamp for the wall complete set.



* Brass Steel Tip Darts (2 sets - 6 pieces of darts)

* High Quality Middle Weight (22gr per set)

* Shafts & Flights included per set.


Throw Line:

* Exclusive Oche Line.

* Easy to apply and sticks to all hard surfaces.

* Precision toe line-up points for exact foot placement.

* Manufactured from Durable Material to prevent early wear.



* Spare Nylon Shafts (2 set - 6 pieces)

* Spare Flights (2 sets - 6 pieces)



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