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  • 149,95€ *129,95€ *
    The mobile dart setup for training on the go. Designed to be attached to a door. The specially made carrying bag can transport the included Unicorn Eclipse Pro Bristle Board, Unicorn Oche Mate, and board attachment. Dimensions: 48 cm x 48 c [...]
  • 95,95€ *
    The Blade 6 Triple Core dartboard celebrates the latest PDC Exclusive Endorsement, where the world’s best professionals will now play the most technically advanced dartboard available, creating thousands of new stories..
    The Triple Core C [...]
  • 79,95€ *
    Blade 6 Dual Core’s finely tuned innovations are a statement of performance and quality made for the most aspiring dart player.
    The patented Dual Core dartboard base offers a seamless, high visibility playing surface and optimized core [...]
  • 59,95€ *
    The latest in the Blade Series of dartboards offers stunning design, innovation and craftsmanship, featuring Winmau’s latest, Sixth Generation, dartboard technology.
    The Blade 6 dartboard delivers outstanding playability, durability and p [...]
  • 54,95€ *
    Das Focus II Steeldartboard in der Plus-Variante mit HD Zahlenring. Es handelt sich dabei um ein hochwertiges Sisal Board aus dem Hause Bulls, dass sich durch lange Haltbarkeit auszeichnet und mit einem eingelassenen, krampenfreien Spider A [...]
  • 49,95€ *
    The BULL'S Focus II is made of high-quality African sisal and meets all the requirements of technology and quality of international tournament regulations. A modern dartboard for tournaments, leagues and clubs. The spider is embedded in the [...]
  • 39,95€ *
    This bristle dartboard is made of high-quality sisal in the official tournament size of approximately 45 x 4 cm, with an attached round spider. A user manual and a board wall mount are included.
  • 44,95€ *
    WINMAU-der weltweit führende Hersteller für erstklassige Profi-Dartboards. WINMAU-Boards erfüllen alle Voraussetzungen der "British-Dart-Organisation" sowie der "World Dart Association" und werden speziell für Weltmeisterschaften einges [...]
  • 79,95€ *
    Dartboard WINMAU Original "Blade Champions Choice DUAL CORE"
    Winmau – der weltweit führende Hersteller für erstklassige Profi-Dartboards. Dieses neue Modell erfüllt alle Voraussetzungen der
    „British-Dart-Organisation“ sowie der „ [...]
  • 89,95€ *
    Winmau XTREME Complete Cabinet set `All in One`
    Dimensions (cabinet closed): approx. 60 x 50 x 8 cm
    Width unfolded when ready to play approx. 95 cm
    Packaging dimensions approx: 63 x 53 x 10 cm
    Weight approximately: 12 kg
  • 89,90€ *
    MDF Cabinet with BULL'S Sisal Dartboard, including two sets of Steel Darts, Scoreboards and Wiper.
  • 9,95€ *
    The BULL'S magnetic dartboard is 37 x 42 cm in size and includes 6 magnetic darts. The darts have no tips. The Magnetic Dart Board Game is therefore ideal for children. Thanks to the band, the board can be hung up quickly anywhere. After th [...]
  • 13,95€ *
    Dartboard with a diameter of approximately 40 cm and six magnetic darts. Simple dartboard with magnetic darts, ideal for playing with children. No points!
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