Steel Dartboards

  • 84,95€ *
    Max Hopp & Martin Schindler Darts Team Germany Set:
    - Darts Team Germany Red EVA Darts Surround
    - Professional Bull’s Darts Team Germany Board
    - 1 Set Max Hopp Brass Darts
    - 1 Set Martin Schindler Brass Darts
  • 109,00€ *
    The definitive professional bristle dartboard, now with Metal Number Ring with Digital numbers and Uniquely Unicorn UniLock wall lock system - allows the board to be securely attached to uneven wall surfaces.
    Unicorn dartboards are the only [...]
  • 59,00€ *
    The Blade 5 pushes the boundaries of dartboard technology to its limits. The new wiring system allows for 9mm² extra scoring area in the doubles and 6mm² extra scoring area in the trebles, with a 14% reduction in web surface area for high [...]
  • 79,00€ *
    The Blade 5 Dual Core represents the pinnacle of dartboard technology and innovation. Exclusive dual core technology achieves lower compression at the outer core, which increases point penetration for fewer lost darts and higher scores, whi [...]
  • 69,00€ *
    Bulls Advantage 5.01 Dartboard
    * New with stronger wiring.
    * Specifications of the World Darts Federation.
    * World patented embedded Staple free Steel Bands.
    Bounceouts virtually eliminated by unique high Technology.
    * Official World Cup [...]
  • 54,00€ *
    Bull's Shark Pro Dartboard:* Natürlicher hochqualitativer Sisal.* Offiziele Wettbewerbsgröße.* Klammerfreie Shark Drähte.* Pulverbeschichteter Zahlenring.* Ligatauglich.* Dartboardhalterung für Wände.
  • 39,00€ *
    Bull's Classic Dartboard:* Natürlicher Sisal.* Offiziele Turniergröße.* Spider System mit Klammern.* Pulverbeschichteter Zahlenring.* Klammerfreies Bulls Eye.* Ideal für die Freizeit.* Dartboardhalterung für Wände.
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