Billard Zubehör

  • 5,90€ *
    Colour: Βlack
    Material: Synthetic Cloth
    Butt: 1 pcs
    Shaft: 1 pcs
  • 16,90€ *
    Colour: Black or Blue color
    Material: Nylon with Shoulder strap
    Butt: 1 pcs
    Shaft: 2 pcs
    Price per piece.
  • 3,90€ *
    High Quality Renzline Start Glove for left hand in Black, Blue or Red color.
    Use it also for right hand (logo reverse).
  • 4,90€ *
    Chalk Blue Diamond
    Price per box. 2 pieces of Chalk.
  • 18,90€ *
    Polyurethane cue holder for 3 cues.
    For personal use. Just put it on the table.
    Weight: 0,5Kg
  • 5,90€ *
    Material: plastic with rubber support.
    Slip on any Cue with diameter 12mm - 13mm.
  • 1,40€ *
    Protect your cue case against chalk.Suitable for all shafts.Available types Ø: 12mm-12,5mm or 12,5mm-13mmPrice per piece.
  • 9,90€ *
    No Blue. The amazing cleaner for the shaft.
  • 26,90€ *
    “A” - Diamonds shaped surface: help to create micro holes that hold the chalk in depth. Highly improves playability
    of the cue and cue ball control.
    “B” - Abrasiv [...]
  • 2,90€ *
    Sander replacement for Summa Tip Tool.Price per 3 sets (9 pieces in total).
  • 8,90€ *
    Da Vinci 5 Layer Tips used by Longoni Cues.
    Thanks to the quality of the leather and the competitive price it is the right product for everyone.
    Every single piece is controlled before being packed into the box.
    Price per piece.
  • 2,90€ *
    Billiard Ball Keyrings 25mm. Numbers 1 to 15.
    Price per piece.
  • 9,40€ *
    Magic Ball Rack Pro 9 & 10Material : Special Grade Plastic
    Thickness : 0.14mm
    Color : Clear
    Price per Set of 6 pieces (3 black + 3 white)Benefits• Magic Ball Rack Pro is the elite racking system; it gives a consistent tight rack even [...]
  • 84,90€ *
    - High longevity resin vitrifies the surface for durable brightness.
    - M-PRO technology for best roundness, diameter and hardness.
    - Hi Quality balance and color.
    - Matched Weighted balls ±1%
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